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ACF blocks not appearing in full site editor

  • I’m using WP 5.9 beta 3 and testing out the new full site editor. When I edit a template or template part, none of the ACF created blocks appear there. I use acf_register_block_type() to create my blocks and have tried various values for post_type, wp_template, wp_template_part, all, not setting it all, nothing works. The blocks appear elsewhere just fine, but not on any of the full site editor screens.

    Is ACF Pro v5.11.4 not yet compatible?

  • We are having this problem too since day one. Any blocks in full site editing says

      “Your site doesn’t include support for the “acf/…” block. You can leave this block intact or remove it entirely.”

    Is there any update on this?


    Just wanted to post an update that we have tested the latest beta 5.12-beta1 and this is now fixed.

  • @johnnycomelately I put in a support ticket for this back then and got a reply that it’s a known issue and they’re currently working on it. They estimated a beta for it in January. Haven’t heard anything since then.

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