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ACF blocks causing over 200 ajax requests on page load

  • On a content heavy page, one single page load triggers over 200 admin ajax requests. There are both 429 and 504s showing in the console. 200 ajax requests for a single page load is extremely excessive and without our server side protections in place, it would be likely this would cause server side performance issues.

    The specific ajax request is acf/ajax/fetch-block

    544:acf_register_ajax( ‘fetch-block’, ‘acf_ajax_fetch_block’ );

    This issue is causing all sorts of problems, including the blocks not loading properly making it extremely difficult to edit the content of the page.

    The amount of hits per block seems unusual based on how many blocks are on the page in question. This makes me think there’s a problem with the plugin itself triggering this excessive amount of ajax hits.

  • I’m also seeing this issue, albeit with many less admin-ajax.php requests. It feels like loading in all of the blocks at once is not the ideal solution, when it could be done with an intersection observer, or at least some kind of buffer system (or… ideally a toggle to only load the block when you actually click on it’s container)

  • As this is quite an advanced issue it might be a good idea to create ticket on github acf repo. There, Elliot answers all tickets

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