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ACF Block Update Speed

  • Hi all,

    I’ve made several types of ACF blocks and in any type of block after I make a change in the right hand side bar, it takes about 1 second to refresh this change in the visual preview side. This causes some issues if I am clicking (or typing) too fast, faster than the previewer will update.

    For example if I am changing the background colour of a block and I am clicking rapidly between my colours, my final colour selection clock may not even register in the preview window, as the previewer won’t keep up with my clicks.

    For things to work smoothly, I would have to click one at a time, and wait for the colour change to be previewed, and then click another and wait for it to be previewed etc.

    Another more painful example is when I use a text field or WYSIYWG editor.
    The same lag applies, if I type too quickly or the previewer decided to render a second before I have finished typing, my text I have entered may not all have been shown in the preview. As a work around, after I have finished typing, if the preview hasn’t updated correctly, I may have to press space bar or any other key, wait for the preview to render then delete my extra character and wait for it to be rendered too.

    This is especially problematic when I have showed clients the new Gutenberg editor w/ ACF Blocks. It starts to become more difficult for them to use.

    Anyone have any similar issues or can assist by any chance?



  • did you find a solution to this @paulm ?

  • Hey @davo,

    I haven’t been doing much WP stuff recently, but from memory I’m pretty certain an update to ACF along the way fixed it to some extent. It was still slightly laggy (a couple seconds) to show the changes but at least the changes did show. If you’re using an old version of ACF then make sure you try the latest version.
    Good luck!

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