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ACF + Beaverbuilder – call different field @ max size?

  • Hi all,

    I’m wondering if anyone else here uses ACF with beaver builder, and if so, are they able to help with something?

    I’ve set up a themer header which selects it’s background image based off an Image type ACF field group displayed on each WordPress “Edit page” section. That works, fine, but it looks like utter trash at mobile sizes, and so I set up a second mobile size image field, instead of spending my whole life playing around trying to jump between “fixed, scroll, fill, cover” etc.

    My problem is that even though Beaverbuilder has a little button that lets me adjust other fields like font size, min-height etc in my header module, AND it has one of these buttons beside the Image section, when I switch to smaller sizes & update the ACF field, that ACF field is used regardless of screen size 🙁

    Is there a way to call different ACF fields depending on screen size with Beaverbuilder so I can utilize two images? Would love to know your experiences with how this could be done. Cheers!

    Kind regards,

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