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ACF based on User Role is equal to Subscriber

  • Hi all,

    I don’t have any experience in coding or programming so I apologise if this is a beginner mistake. I’m trying to display ACF data based on User Role is equal to Subscriber on WordPress pages, but tried two methods it does not display. [acf field="sampledata"] and directly elementor Pro feature by clicking on the dynamic tag.

    I tried changing the rule from based on user role is equal to subscriber into page is equal to a specific page (which i wanted the data to be shown on that page), it works fine by displaying the ACF fields below the admin page section, and also displaying in the frontend but I wanted it to be based on user role instead of unique pages.

    Tried to add both rules (user role and page) and the ACF fields will not show.

    Any idea how can I display ACF data based on user role, while using short codes or elementor pro to display them on wordpress page? Any PHP codes that I need to add in which specific files etc? Any help would be much appreciated.

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