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  • Hi,

    Is it possible to use ACF with the WPML plugin? I am asking, because I have a site with a lot of ACF functionalti, that I am trying to translate info english. Everything is fine, I get the possiblity of translating every line of standard fields, but not the the inputfields of ACF :/

    I do understand that you do not provide support for other plugins ofcause, but I would like to know if it is possible to achieve WPML functions with my ACF’s?

    Bw. Athen

  • Hi @Athen

    Yes, ACF is compatible with WPML.

    You can translate pages independently to have different custom field values.

    Does this solve the question or is there something specific you want to know?

  • Thanks,

    I also thought so – my problem is: when I translate a custom post type, and go the the “new” edition of the page, I get zero ACF’s on that new page- on the old page I may have 30 ACF’s, but not in the new one. I have all the values of ACF visible for translation at the end of the page, listed as radio buttons where I can those Nothing, Copy, or Translate. I those Translate for every ACF’s, and hit apply. Then, I guess I should have all the original ACF’s ready for translation (input values) but I don’t..?

    Thank you so much for you support so far. If anyone has written a kind of how-to on ACF and WPML i would be awesome? 🙂

  • Hi @Athen

    It’s difficult for me to understand the issue through writing. Are you able to create a screen cast of the issue?

  • Dear Eliot, as of now we have chosen not to translate our ACFs, because we are facing some others compatibility issues with our templates, saying that I cannot create a screen cast because we disabled WPML for ACFs – but thanks a lot for getting back to me.

  • Well I dont know if I understood well, but for me it worked well in 4 languages site.

    I’ve created a set of Custom Fields in my main language, but than had to translate this set for the other 3 languages.

    Initially I forgot to translate a few fields on the Spanish set, so when I was doing the post translation to Spanish there where some things missing.

    But I have other problem. Two of my Advanced Custom Fields are checkboxes populated by taxonomies. The thing is that there is taxonomy of ‘materials’, and some of the material have the same name in all the 4 languages. Things like ‘PVC’. In cases like this WPML adds ‘@en’, ‘@fr’, ‘@es’ in front of the taxonomy term. If I use some WordPress function to list the taxonomy terms the ‘@**” are filtered out… but everything that gets displayed by the ACF functions show those ‘@**’… Can someone help me on this?

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