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ACF and WPML together is SOOO buggy

  • Am I the only one who experience how terribly buggy ACF and WPML is together? (translatable custom fields?).

    ACF-JSON and WPML just works terribly togehter (WPML just works terribly in general).

    For instance, I had a field-group that I needed to copy exactly as it was to another language.

    I clicked “edit translation” then “overwrite with english content”. Then a lot of RANDOM fields (perhaps from it’s sub flexible content / repeater fields, in the field group) was copied to the “main fields” and fields was were they were not supposed to be. It looked completely caotic, and fields that were normally within a repeater or a flexible content field, were all of a sudden in the “main”/”parent” fields, instead of as a sub field.

    I tried clicking “overwrite with english content” again but the same thing happened.

    Then I decided to trash the translated field group, and redo it all. Then I went to the field group in the primary language and clicked “add translation”, then clicked “overwrite with english content”. Then it seemed to work fine. Yay!

    However, when I went to the actual post that had this field group, I noticed to my horror that the field was repeated 3 times on the page, and only the first group had content in it.

    I checked the field groups in the overview section (Admin menu -> Field Groups), but there was ONLY ONE field group in the list, which I would expect, but that does not explain why they appeared THREE times on the post.

    I went to the sync page, and noticed that this field group required syncing. It was supposed to only have 6 fields (then with a lot of sub fields), but the sync table said it had 20 fields.

    Anyways, I decided to try to click “sync” anyway and test the result. Then the sync process added this field group another 2 extra times to my translated language, leaving the original translated field-group untouched (which I would expect the sync would simply update).

    Now I am stuck.

    DAMN it’s a horror to work with ACF under these circumstances. Normally I enjoy working with ACF but it’s a pure nightmare with WPML and ACF-Json. Simple tasks takes forever, I had to simply update a field group with 2 extra fields, and it has taken me 2 hours and 15 minutes now, because I keep stumbling into issues.

    Please fix this. ACF is too great to suffer this.

  • FYI this is how my custom field group looks like after having clicked “overwrite with english content”:

    after overwrite

    This is how it is supposed to look like:

  • This is one of the many reasons that I do not use WPML and I use instead.

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