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ACF and Woocommerce conflict with billing details country picker

  • Hello ACF,

    I have used ACF to built several websites, and i absolutely love working with it.
    Now I have built this woocommerce webshop, with lots ACF supporting it. But I am stumbling upon a big problem which I cannot resolve:

    The built-in Woocommerce country picker for the billing and shipping fields on the checkout page, does NOT show a list of countries while having the ACF plugin activated. This field is essential for clients to able to buy anything from the shop. I cannot hide, remove or ‘unrequire’ this field as the checkout will not be completed.

    When I deactivate the ACF plugin (Version 5.12.2)  the country picker DOES show the list of countries, so it has to be a conflict with ACF, woocommerce and my custom made theme.

    Is there anything to be written in de CSS or anything else?
    Help is very much appreciated as I already spent hours trying to resolve this problem.

    The URL of the website is
    The url of the checkout page is

    Thanks a lot!

  • More then likely this is a conflict in select2. See this page, try setting enqueue_select2 to false.

  • I solved the problem by changing the overflow to visible on the select2 dropdown class in the css file. Thanks anyway for your help!

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