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ACF and Visual Composer?

  • Hi,
    Is it possible for ACF to create multiple visual composer boxes on the backend for 1 page. Let’s say that i have a homepage and i would like to call visual composer elements, dynamically, it would would be very nice if i could have multiple visual composer boxes/fields for 1 page (template). Now when i add an extra WYSIWYG box, no visual composer functionality is added.

    Any ideas upon this?

  • Hi @wzshop

    I’m afraid you can’t do it. Visual Composer has a lot of customized functions that will be hard to duplicate in other sections. You can always create the layout from visual composer and then get the result by changing your editor to the classic text editor. After that, just copy the content to a WYSIWYG field.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hey @wzshop,

    It’s now possible with WP ACF-VC Bridge plugin, which registers new field type “Visual Composer”. Thus, you can add as many visual composer boxes to a single page as you need.

  • Hi @wzshop

    This is awesome news!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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