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ACF and Polylang Problem

  • Hi,

    I’ve a problem with the Polylang plugin. In the beginning everything seems working well: I’ve language options in the Custom Fields interface and can assign the different ACFs to different languages. My default language is German. On the german front page (where I use Flexible Contents) the ACFs are displayed correctly. But when I create an English version of the front page all my ACF input fields get emptied after saving the page. It’s also not possible to get my ACFs displayed on the EN version of the front page. I read that users get ACF and Polylang work together. So there’s maybe a solution …

    (WPML would be much too big for this small site).


  • The Custom Fields sychronisation is turned off.

  • Ok, deinstalled Polylang and installed WPML. Saw no other solution 🙁

  • Hi @sencha

    I’m afraid Polylang is not supported by ACF. If you are using WPML, please take a look at this page to learn more about it:

    Hope this helps 🙂

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