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ACF and Polylang

  • Hi there guys,

    I’m trying to display ACF in front-end using:
    1.Elementor PRO
    2.ACF (free verstion)
    3. CPT Plugin
    4. Polylang Free (2 Languages)

    I applied this bit of code found in previous thread:

    function polylang_translate()
        pll_register_string('back', 'back','General');
        pll_register_string('my_customfield', 'My Custom Field','General');
    add_action( 'init', 'polylang_translate' );

    ..which displays the fields to be translated in Polylang’s back-end no problem. However, I don’t see the translated fields in front-end, neither within ELementor’s Dynamic field tags, (which is what I’m using to display the custom fields), or anywhere.
    I also added code displayed in this thread by Mark Howells-Mead in my functions.php, but I don’t see anything different happening.

    Can I make this work and have the fields translated and displayed somehow in the front-end?
    I don’t have much knowledge in coming up with my own code, nor have I used current set up with above plugin combo to achieve this.
    Do I have to guy ACF Pro to achieve this?
    Any advice / help will be much appreciated 🙂

    Thank you

  • Thanks for sharing

    What do you mean? It hasn’t solved the problem!
    Do you have a suggestion pls?

  • Did you figure this out in the end? I have the same setup and am looking for the way to do this.

  • Same here. When you duplicate custom post and change languages, all group field disappear.

    I try your function but no. Have you find why and solve the problem¿?

  • I have same setup polylang, i try also translatepress seem the same problems.

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