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ACF and GenerateBlocks to make a link?

  • Hi,

    I’m looking for some help. I have ACF and Generateblocks all setup and I want to create a link with the text and the URL coming from separate custom fields for example

    field 1 (text) “”
    field 2 (text) “Text’s Instagram”

    In GenerateBlocks I can use the dynamic data to set the heading objects text value to field 2. But when I go to make it a link (click the link) how do I use field 1’s value?

    what I’m hoping for in HTML is: <a href=''>Text's Instagram</a>

    I’ve asked but haven’t got any reply yet on the GenerateBlocks forum so wondering if someone here can help. ACF and GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks are commonly used together.

    Thanks in advance!

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