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ACF and front-end user forms?

  • What should I read/know about creating a site in which users can execute certain functions through front-end forms and involving ACF?

    The use case won’t necessarily be adding and editing blog posts, as is typical. I imagine something more akin to a web app. Key data types would be WordPress posts, taxonomies etc, each taking extra meta through ACF field groups. There would be user access control.

    The key question, then, is: what are the way/s in which to pull off the forms part in an ACF-compliant way?

    I know there are several plugins dedicated to powering front-end user forms. How well do they play with objects including ACF fields?

    What about acf_form, and what about ACF-specific front-end form plugins?

    There’s this method in which the guy uses User Frontend plugin and the meta keys presumably generated by what he names them in ACF. That doesn’t constitute fancy ACF integration, but it also seems to make sense.

    I would like to use forms that use Bootstrap 4 market-up.

    I’m curious about what methods are on the cards.


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