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ACF and Elementor iframe issue

  • Hello, I want to add Amazon affiliate links (text+image) to my post page on my wordpress website. For this, I created a custom field called link-1, which is only displayed on the post page. I paste the code (iframe code) I copied from Amazon into the link-1 field and select ACF field link-1 in my post template in Elementor. The iframe appears in Elementor edit mode, but the iframe does not appear on the website.

    I want to add iframes dynamically. How can I do that?

  • Try changing the name of the field from link-1 to link_1
    Also, ensure you’re using a textarea field with no formatting set as the option

    See if that works

  • Thanks for the response. So should I use shortcode widget in Elementor? I changed the name and slug of Custom Field to link_1, I made it no formatting textarea. In Elementor I selected link_1 from the shortcode widget but it still doesn’t show up on the page.

  • I’m not familiar with Elementor, I’ve always hand built themes but had similar and the issue was the field name.

    This post about Elementor and ACF is old, so I’m not sure if it still applies

    I did find this post but only works for text fields. I think you need a textarea field.

    Or check the docs

    Someone else may know – sorry I was unable to assist.

  • Thanks for the response. Unfortunately none of them worked. I already tried so many options but none of them worked so I created this post. I hope I can find a solution. Thank you.

  • Hi serkanemir, I was able to get the iframe to function within the WYSIWYG field. Have you been able to work something out for your problem?

  • Hello, I had solved the problem before, but after updating the iframe plugin, for some reason the iframe links stopped working. How can I solve it?

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