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ACF and custom database tables

  • I need to store data for a custom post type as a separate table rather than as postmeta.

    Is there any practical way of using ACF where data are stored in a custom table?

  • No. ACF stores data using standard WP functions the interact with the post meta, user meta and options tables and the data is related to the current post ID.

    I might be possible to add a filter on the post meta function like update_post_meta() to change where the information is stored, but to be honest, I don’t think that is something I would call practical.

  • Thanks John. It’s a shame there’s not a straightforward way to use the ACF’s fantastic frontend for custom tables, but understandable given the potential complexity. I might explore hooking into update_post_meta(), or look at other options like Pods, or maybe the WordPress Fields API project.

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