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ACF: Allow SVG upload for image field

  • How do I allow uploading SVG images in specific image fields?

    I have made an image field and put in “svg” as allowed file type, but I still get this error message when trying to upload an image:

    “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.”

    I know that WordPress has disabled SVG uploads by default of security reasons (which is good). However, the image field I want to upload to, is only accessed by administrators so it should be safe to allow svg uploads in this instance

  • Even installing one of the SVG plugins makes it possible to upload SVG files to image fields

  • It requires altering the allowed mime types in WP. ACF does not do this for you.

    The reason that adding a plugin for SVG images is working is because that plugin in making the needed changes

    An SVG example is given here

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