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ACF 6 old UI

  • Hello,

    I love all your work. But I have some time issue since the new UI in ACF 6.
    All the fields parameters are divided in tabs. Which requires more clicks to setup all the websites fields.
    I would like to know if there’s a way to have all the fields parameters with no tabs, just having to scroll.
    With old UI, seeing all params at once was faster, configuration of fields too. It costs me a lot of time with the new UI. And time is valuable.


  • There isn’t any way to revert this that I am aware of. You would have to Contact the developers and ask them.

  • Have to say that I agree with Willy. I understand a lot of good work goes into the development of ACF, and I;m sure the intent is good, but I’m finding the recent UI updates quite frustrating. When working with flexible content fields, the sub fields can be quite unresponsive to clicks and ‘janky’, until suddenly the the clicks are registered and the fields open and close quickly to catch up.

    Did you ever contact the devs?

  • @designlobby I just did when I saw your post 🙂
    And yes I agree with what you say, I had an issue yesterday like yours.

  • If there’s a way to revert to the old UI (especially during development), that would be brilliant.

  • I have to agree, while some things are undeniably better with the new UI like the sticky save post bar, some other choices I find rather odd.

    When the new UI released I remember reading that the aim was to make it more compact, yet there’s so much padding with the new UI that as soon as you’re 3 levels deep nothing fits on the screen anymore.

    I have to admit liked the simplicity of the old ACF UI, everything could be done very quickly from the keyboard without the hassle of having to click through tabs.

  • Coming back with news. So I contacted the developers about this topic.
    The answer was that they “have passed this as a feature request to the dev team for further consideration and hopefully, such an option will find its way into the plugin’s development roadmap”.
    And told me that “In meantime, you can try ACF version 5.12.4 which contains the old interface”.
    Then I asked for a follow up about this, but : “Unfortunately, the tracking of features is done on our side and we do not have a public link at the moment”.

    I really find it a pity to have no vision on the evolution of this subject. There clearly is a need, and it’s very frustrating to lose comfort and time while remaining in total vagueness as to potential improvements.
    Can you do something about this ?

  • I have an update about this !

    I just discovered that on the 13th December 2022, the release 6.0.6, introduced a new filter acf/field_group/disable_field_settings_tabs used to disable all the tabs in each field settings in the field group editor.

    Thanks to the dev team !

    Cheers !

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