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Acf 5 release date? Add custom post type?

  • Hi Elliot + acf community

    I’m thinking about using acf as a part of my wordpress cms. But before doing that I have two questions:
    1. I’ve been looking for a release date for Acf 5 without any luck. Is there a release date?
    2. Do you (Elliot) have any plans of adding a custom post type add-on to Acf 5? At this point i’m using custom post typ ui witch is a good alternative but i would like to gather it all in one single plugin.

    (sorry for my broken english)

  • Hi @tommie

    Thanks for the questions.

    1. There is no releases date for v5. It could be a few months, or perhaps a year.
    2. No, ACF will only ever be a custom field manager, not a post type manager. I would continue to use the plugin you have, or think about writing the code manually in your functions.php file.


  • about 1: ACF Pro is not version 5? “Just” ACF 5 + addons included?

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