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ACF 5 Pro & Premium Themes

  • Hi Elliot

    I am about to embark on developing some premium themes and wondered how much this strategy is going to change when ACF Pro/5 goes live?

    Will it still be possible to [invisibly] embed Premium ACF functionality into Premium themes for commercial licensing? E.g. can I build themes using ACF repeaters/ACF gallery/ACF Options functionality and sell them?

    Many thanks and good luck with the last bit of ACF5 testing.


  • Hi @jamblo

    Indeed. It will be even easier than before to include ACF PRO within a theme / plugin. No need to remove any update scripts, just include the acf.php file and away you go.

    I’ll update the instructions nearer to ACF5 launch


  • Bloody marvellous.

    I look forward to buying a developer license as soon as they’re available.


  • Hi Elliot

    To continue this subject; Is including the PRO version invisibly is mandatory or can we include it as a plugin using the TGM class, so the users can update the plugin when you release new updates?

    Will the ACF_LITE constant still be available?

    Thank you.

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