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Accordion/Toggle, Draggable layout/grid field

  • I’ve been using ACF for several years and now, and after the clone field has been introduced I realized it was finally time to organize/reorder/redo my fields and fieldgroups. While doing so, there were two things I fields I feld the lack of: a toggle field and a layout/grid field.

    Example of toggle i created

    The first one, was quite easy to accomplish (and you can see it working here apart from a few CSS, it’s a simple slideToggle. It’s nothing fancy, and it relies on standard fields and classes – in other words, I assign a class (e.g. “toggle”) to every field I want to hide, and this allows me to bring more order to my backend. Tab fields are great, but at least for me they work only to a certain degree (expecially when they are in numbers and/or if you are using a small screen devide). Unfortunately, if a required field is left blank, the toggle field would not open, and that’s as far as I can go (as in, the toggle fields itslef works, but I lack the knowledge to further integrate it with ACF).

    Customized flexible field

    The second field I really felt the lack of, is a draggable layout/grid field. Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not looking forward nor talking about anything like beaver builder or divi – those are nice tools in their own way, but that’s not what I’m after. Infact I’m talking more on the line of repeater/flexible field concept: I firmly believe that a draggable layout/grid solution, something on the line of , would prove to be a great addition to ACF and would allow its users to serve more practical and intuitive solutions. Just to further elaborate, I’ve spent some time on an interface like this one (based off a flexible and clone fields): you select the number of columns and then you click on any block to customize it and/or assign a post/block id. On the frontend it works wonders (I simply output posts/custom fields based on the ID I selected within every block), but on the backend it’s very ugly looking, not really intuitive and while you can move the flexible fields layouts up and down, you cannot move blocks left, right or in another row.

    Now, I’m well aware of the possibility of creating a new field type but, being a designer with some programming knowledge (and not the other way around unfortunately), I may end up investing weeks on developing a draggable layout/grid field… and even so, in the event I may succed, I fear I cannot bring myself to blindly trust my programming skills and my product on live websites. Which brings me to the question: is there a chance for a ACF draggable layout/grid field in the near future (and eventually for a toggle one)? To be completely honest, I wouldn’t mind buying a plugin (like the repeater/flexible ones in V3 if I’m not mistaken) or partecipate a kickstarter campaing to support this or other a feature.

  • You’re best chance and getting input from the developer on things like this would be to open a new support ticket and ask there. The developer does not spend much time looking at feature requests here on the forum any more, he’s too busy working on ACF. He’s more likely to look at it in the form of a support ticket, although, there’s not guarantee there, it’s just more likely.

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