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accidentally switched field type

  • I am very new to Advanced Custom Fields. I was checking it out on my friend’s admin. I changed the field type of a field, and quickly discovered that by doing so I accidentally deleted all of the content in that Field. Is there any way to get it back? I’d rather not use phpmyadmin, but I can if it is possible and the only way.

  • Hi @digitil

    By changing a field type, you are not modifying any values in the DB. If you change the field type back, ACF will read in the previous value and act as normal.


  • I wish this was the case. The field still appears at the bottom of the edit page page, but the value is empty. Where/how/what table can I find the content under in the database?

  • The original field type was Repeater. (awesome Fugazi album) Does that file type require Sub Fields? Do the Sub Fields require the same Field Label to show up on the edit page page again?

  • The meta_key in the wp_postmeta table is volunteer_opp_0_volunteer_opp_text and the field name is volunteer_opp. What do I have to name the Repeater Field to get it to show up again?

  • Hi @digitil

    Looks like the repeater field has name of ‘volunteer_opp’, and then it has a sub field of ‘volunteer_opp_text’.

    Perhaps you should ask your friend (owner of website) what the fields were before you accidentally changed them?

    Perhaps they have backup?


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