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  • Hi All,
    I’ve been using ACF for a while now and although it is awesome, it cannot cover all user cases.
    In project I’m developing I need custom SVG map that can be edited and it’s state saved on the server. I know I can use vanilla WP API or create ACF plugin with jQuery, but I don’t think it’s the optimal solution. ACF smooths out a lot of WP quirks for us, developers and I prefer to use it’s simple API for this kind of job.
    What would be ideal in my case ( and to other developers, too )
    Create custom WP page, there load our single page apps ( ex my SVG map ) and do CRUD operations with simple ACF API:

    const mapState = acf.getStore(‘svg-map’, ‘option’);
    // Load as JSON, display the map
    // User makes changes, clicks save

    acf.saveStore(‘svg-map’, {mapOptions}).then( message => toast(message) );

    What do you think of it?

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