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Access options page values with switch_to_blog

  • Hi!

    I’m using ACF Pro (v5) and have a multisite-setup where I’m going to create like a global footer. This should be fetched from the main sites “footer” options page created with ACF Options and fields.

    Using switch_to_blog does not seem to do the trick tho! nothing is fetched at all.. The subsites uses a childtheme (for rapid development) and at first I tried just using the acf-json folder to have the fields registered in the subsites as well. Then I also tried importing them as json so that they exist in the subsites field list. I tried using the field_keys instead of field names but no dice!

    I assume it’s messing about because the data is not saved in the regular post_meta table? But I’m not sure what to do about it..

    Any ideas? It seems to have worked sometime in a previous version:

  • Heyo!

    Sorry for being so friggin dumb sometimes! I had created the childtheme etc. etc. but never activated it but rather used the main theme.. DUH!

    nevermind me then, carry on…

  • Thanks for the follow up and glad you figured it out

  • Hi Guys,

    It seems i am having the same issue, but i cant understand the solution above. Could you please explain how you are using json to boadcast the option page values to all sites,.


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