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About Extending Post Object field

  • It’s been a while since developing using ACF, and repeatedly I come into something. Let’s say you are working for an art gallery and you have set several CPTs, among them artist and exhibition.

    Artist CPT has its custom fields, name, surname, birthdate, etc. Now you have your database populated with the artists that belong to the art gallery.

    Exhibition CPT has its own fields too. Here you have set a Post Object field allowing input of multiple values, so you can have your Exhibition with all the Artists participating in it. In the exhibition template you manage to display all artist a comma separated linkable list.

    Here it comes: let’s say there is one artist participating in the Exhibition who is not in your Gallery Artist Database. What I always tent to do here add new artists with no data provided (no bio, no photo, no nothing), and maybe leave it as Draft and manage to code everything to detect such case and not display the link displaying as Plain Text.

    But wouldn’t it be great to Extend Post Object field with multiple value input to allow you add Plain Text as another array element? The UI is almost done! I think it would be a great approach, more or less like Facebook suggesting your Friends when typing.

    What do you think about this?

  • Hi @vguerrero

    I think adding text to a post object field is not a good thing to do. It will confuse users who don’t know anything about this situation or don’t need it. What you can do is add a text area field to add the new artists per line or use a repeater or flexible field to allow different types of custom fields.

    I hope this makes sense.

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