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  • Hi,
    I’ve a problem with ACF

    I’ve set two fields on the site “Disciplina” and “Provincia” (you can see it in the home page on the word “Ricerca Guida Sportiva”).
    In this site are inserted the athletes that want help the disabled who do sports.
    In the field “Disciplina” are listed the sport disciplines and in the field “Provincia” are listed the cityin witch live the athletes that help the disabled.

    The problem shows up if i try to insert athletes that do more than one sport. For example
    Provincia: Roma
    Disciplina: Ciclismo

    Everything works.

    But if I try to put
    Provincia: Roma
    Disciplina: Ciclismo and Trekking

    Opening the menu on the word “Disciplina” appears an error:

    Creating the field “Disciplina” I’ve used
    taxonomy: category
    type of field: checkbox

    I use the free version or the plugin
    If I buy PRO ACF could I fix this problem?

    would I have technical support with the PRO version?
    I do not know how to find the code and XML ?

  • this a:2:{i:0;s:2:”27″;i:1;s:2:”46″;} is not an error. This field type stores it’s value as a serialized array. This is a taxonomy field to the array is a list of terms ID values.

    How are you trying to output the field in your template?

  • Hi John,
    ACF on the site has a menu:


  • I need to see code for where you’re trying to display the field in the template and I need to know what kind of field you’re trying to display.

  • Hi.

    I do not know where to find the code.

    If you have a tutorial I could get the code.

    Thanks John 🙂

  • Let’s back up a second.

    1) You added field to your site using ACF named Disciplina.
    2) You added or editing the content in this field
    3) You are showing the content of this field on your site

    When you are doing this how do you get from 2 to 3?

  • Hi John,

    1) Yes, for “Disciplina” I’ve used
    taxonomy: category
    type of field: checkbox

    2) I add the voices from the field “Disciplina” custom field Disciplina

    3) In this image you can see the result online on the website ACF Home Page

  • We’re still missing something between 2 and 3.

    1) In ACF you created a field.

    2) The you edit the field to select some terms

    3) They magically appear on the front end of the site.

    You can’t get from 2 to 3 unless someone has added something to a template file or there is some other way gets the values form the ACF field to display them on the site. If you can figure out how the values in the field get from 2 to 3 I might be able to help you. ACF does not automatically show values on the front end of the site, there must be something in the middle.

  • Sorry John,
    I’m using a widget: “Custom Fields Search”

    Widget ACF

    Thank you for all your assistance 🙂

  • More then likely that plugin does not support complex ACF field types. The taxonomy field would fall under this heading. The taxonomy field stores an array of term ID values. You need to talk to the creator of that plugin or find a search application that supports ACF fields.

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