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Ability to permanently delete images permanently

  • I’d like to see the ability to permanently delete those images that I have uploaded from the post. Why? because it stuffs up the gallery function… let me explain… I have my client upload 5 images via 5 custom field image upload fields. In the theme I have the gallery template tag that shows his 5 images all nicely placed inline. The client decides to change an image by deleting one image and replacing it with another image, all through the custom field upload field, not the normal media manager. As a result the gallery template tag now shows 6 images not 5 including the image he deleted and doesn’t want.

    Assuming the deleting of an image via the custom field will in the least remove the image from that field, I propose 3 options to fix this…
    1. When deleting the image, have a popup asking the user if they want the image to be permanently deleted,
    2. Permanently delete the image,
    3. Unattach the image from the post but don’t permanently delete it.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hi @pjeaje

    Thanks for your feedback, however this is outside the scope of the ACF plugin.
    Your topic here:

    already covers the question “how to delete images permanently”.

    I would appreciate it if you did not create duplicate threads.


  • I would appreciate it if you did not create duplicate threads.

    This is NOT a duplicate thread. This is a feature request. My other post was asking if it was possible… there’s a big difference in the purpose of the 2 threads.

    If someone on this forum asks if a feature is possible and finds out it isn’t, then surely they have the right to then post a feature request (in the correct forum).

    So, in fact you haven’t answered this question, that is, As a feature, would you consider adding it in your code. 🙂


  • Hi @pjeaje

    Thanks for the feature request. At this point, I don’t wish to add this into the core as it would cause many issues across the many installs of ACF.

    Perhaps I can write the code and add it as a tutorial for those who wish for all images to be removed via the ACF field.


  • That would be deliciously welcome to all of us who use galleries in our posts 🙂

  • Any progress on this?

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