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Ability to disable a True / False field

  • I register fields with code, and for the current project I would like to disable a True / False checkbox, but I found out that it’s not possible with the disabled argument.

    I guess I will solve it with JS and a save field hook, but it would be neat for it to just work 🙂

    I tried adding this to the acf_field_true_false::render_field, which worked for both the UI and non-UI checkbox.

    if ( ! empty( $field['disabled'] ) ) {
        $input['disabled'] = 'disabled';

    But the non-UI toggle element should probably be greyed out for better visibility.

  • This JavaScript and CSS as a workaround works pretty good for my project if anyone needs this.


    acf.addAction("ready", function() {
    	const disabledTrueFalse = acf.getField("enter_field_key_here");
    	if (!disabledTrueFalse.$el.length) {
    	disabledTrueFalse.$input().prop("disabled", true);

    Messy CSS 😀

    .acf-field-true-false input[type="checkbox"][disabled] {
      cursor: default;
    .acf-field-true-false input[type="checkbox"][disabled].acf-switch-input {
      opacity: 0;
    .acf-field-true-false input[type="checkbox"][disabled] + .acf-switch,
    .acf-field-true-false input[type="checkbox"][disabled] + .acf-switch:hover {
      cursor: default;
      color: #fff;
      background-color: #aaa;
      border-width: 0;
    .acf-field-true-false input[type="checkbox"][disabled] + .acf-switch .acf-switch-slider {
      background-color: #eee;
      border-color: #aaa;
    .acf-field-true-false input[type="checkbox"][disabled] + .acf-switch .acf-switch-on {
      text-shadow: none;
  • @johanhermansson So this would just disable it from the “editor’s” view but I’d be able to change it programmatically using “update_field” if condition is met?

  • @xxaimsxx Yes of course. I just wanted it to be disabled front-end to feel more consistent, but I have not looked at this for awhile. Maybe it has changed.

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