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Ability to collapse rows

  • Hi,

    I love this plugin so much, it makes me quite emotional 🙂

    Something that would make me even more emotional would be a way to collapse rows so that reordering them is easier. Quite a few of my client sites use the repeater add-on, but when there are things like a title, images, caption and description etc. for each row, it becomes difficult to reorder the rows as there’s too much info on screen.

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned before, but it would be a most excellent feature to be able to collapse rows so you just see the number on the left and maybe the first field (so you know what the row relates to).

    Thanks again, amazing plugin!


  • Absolutely. Advanced Custom Fields Repeater & Flexible Content Fields Collapser used to do this well, but is now broken for nested fields.

    This is not a “that would be nice” option, this is absolutely essential.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I could really really use this. I’m always making repeaters with a dozen or so subfields and would really like to make reordering easier for my users.

  • I can only agree – It would be highly desirable to be able to collapse the rows…

  • I’ve been mulling over a temporary solution. One options page with a repeater which allows the user to define and order elements, then on a second options page use the PHP export to create the single item’s fields and register them inside a loop populated by the repeater.

    It’s a bit complex but until repeaters can collapse it’s something I’ll have to do. I have repeaters where each item has a dozen or more subfields. It’s too hard for users to drag and drop each item.

  • Yes I agree. This is one of the few acf additions that wouldn’t just be adding a cool new feature but fixing a palpable usbility flaw.

  • Yes the “Advanced Custom Fields Repeater & Flexible Content Fields Collapser” plugin is now fixed and works on the latest builds.

  • Would still be nice if this feature was in the core! you can collapse table view but not row.

  • Almost every day I wish this was a feature. It would be so helpful for usability.

  • +1 for this 🙂

  • yes please please make this a core feature!!! So hard for clients to re order rows if there’s loads of sub fields.

  • The plugin Advanced Custom Fields Repeater & Flexible Content Fields Collapser no longer works. At least not for Repeater fields.

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