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Ability to choose placement order of WP Content Editor

  • Initially my practice has been to hide the built-in Content Editor and use all ACFs. As I have found that that complicates the search functions of WordPress and requires additional support plug-ins, I think it would be nice to have the ability to include the Content Editor and choose what order it appears in the page editor so that our clients can make better sense of it when it doesn’t necessarily appear at the top or bottom of the page on the front-end.

  • The only real solution if you want to order the editor is to change the order of the ACF field groups. Place them “High (after title)” to appear before the editor and “Normal (after content)” for below the editor.

    You might find some JavaScript on an old topic if you look for it that will move the WP editor, I think I recall someone doing this.

    I personally hide the editor and use my own plugin to write content of fields that will help search to post_content.

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