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A simple checkbox Field Group

  • I would like a simple checkbox to appear somewhere near the top, near the title for particular page types. I have that side of it sorted. The Checkbox functions as required.

    The issue I’m having is that for a single checkbox, I have to display:

    1. The Field Group Name
    2. The Label of the item
    3a.The checkbox (in this case TRUE/FALSE)
    3b.The Message (which appears next to the checkbox)

    (It should be noted that 3a/3b appear on the same line, which is what you’d expect).

    What I’d like ideally, would be to have ONLY a single line with just the checkbox and what I want the checkbox to do. ie:

    3a and 3b.

    I could settle for two lines:

    1. FGN
    3. CB/Message


    2. Label for the CB
    3. CB/Message


    1. FGN
    2. Label for the CB including the CB on this line

    That is, I could settle for two lines of info including the checkbox, but would prefer just a single line. Not the three I currently have.

    A picture is worth 1000 words:

    3 lines of text, I'd like 1

  • If you’re trying to add an image it’s not showing up. I don’t really understand what the problem is with just the description.

  • Yeah, it didn’t work, I was actually in editing the original when I saw a notification come in. No problems, I found the option to make the field group seamless which has gone a long way to looking a lot better. And I also only just realised, even though the label appears required, it can be blank.

    I clear this one out, thanks

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