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A few features I'd love to see in the future

  • Given the recent forum changes I cannot go back but a few weeks (and check if my questions/suggestions have been already prompted or not): so let me apologize if they are nothing new. But in any event, those are some of the things I thought of and I would love to see in the future:

    Checklists and/or radio with images/images/html support
    I love to dumb things down for my users and sometimes an image or a icon proves far more effective compared to a written guide. While working on different projects I found myself in need of prompting a question such as: “Which layout should this slideshow/gallery/element use”, followed by Option “A, B or C”, each with it’s own description. Placing an image or an icon of some sorts would’ve made the choice far more simpler and effective.
    So I’d like to suggest to implement – while in the edit/creation screen of radio and checklist fields – a “Select/Upload and image” or an “Add HTML” area, which I could use for customize the look of those fields myself, including images via CSS or using icons from libraries such as

    Range input and sliders
    “Can you make the slideshow go faster? Now slower? Now a little faster again?” Until today I’ve used the number field in order to create little panels that allow me to save a lot of time in these scenarios. Yet, even if I place min and max values correctly (while editing the field), users are still able to insert any number… and then someone calls because “My slideshow doesn’t work anymore, fix it!”… with a 1000 seconds speed time configuration.
    Maybe I just didn’t get how to work around the number field, but I’d love to be able to see a “range field” in the future, maybe using something like “”. It’s neat, it’s intuitive and again dumbs things down quite a lot.

    Typography field
    Is there any chance we could see a Google Fonts integration (with an array of every font and maybe a live preview) with ACF? I’d love to give users a chance to scre… customize even fonts for heading, paragraps, etc in their site.

    Settings API
    The new Settings API allow to edit your website in real time, without having to save countless times and even without having a “Work in progress” scrambled over. Is there a chance we could use our Option pages via those APIs in the future?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for the awesome plugin you created!

  • In response to your first request, I just created a Icon Library field that should be out in a day or two after I finish debugging it.

    What do you mean by a Setting’s API? Can you elaborate a bit more on this? I’m interested in seeing what you mean by that.

    As for the other fields, you could create your own field or extend some of the fields already created, have you taken a look at creating your own field type in the documentation?

  • I believe this is the Settings API referred to:

    Mike, I’d love to see the icon field when you’re ready – are you using FontAwesome by chance?

    I’ll echo the suggestion for creating custom field types – it’s actually much simpler than initially seems. In my opinion, ACF development (i.e. Elliot) should focus on improving core rather than adding new features which would likely not be used by all (though I am not trying to direct Elliot’s efforts, nor am I discounting the suggestions above). The image radio field is an interesting idea though.

  • @wells5609

    Oh, that Settings API! Yes, that would be an interesting implementation.

    I’m actually not using FontAwesome. I looked into it and it’s great, but I ultimately went with Icomoon

    I’m actually having trouble with the plugin inside repeater fields, flex-fields, and two to a page. Perhaps you can take a look?

  • I’d like to tack a +1 to Foyle’s suggestion for adding images or additional context to certain types of fields.

    I’m looking to implement a means for clients to create multiple columns within their content and I want to do that with ACF and I can. But Id like to make it a really intuitive experience where they can get an idea what each layout choice looks like, similar to how StudioPress does it:

  • Hi guys.

    Love the feedback.
    Let’s get through the next few versions to improve core functionality, and then we can add in some UI focused updates!


  • @mikerodriguez
    Can you share your Icon Library field if possible?

  • @mikerodriguez

    It would be great if you share your Icon Library field.

  • +1 for foyle requests. I would be very interested in using slider and range fields. They are a must in modern UI.

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