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504 Errors on Forums?

  • Is anyone experiencing 504 errors when logged into this site?

  • Yes, I constantly get timeouts. It seems better today than yesterday!

  • Thanks, so it’s not just me. Good to know. Site seems to work fine until I log in.

    I have let the developer know of the issue, don’t know what can be done about it.

    504 indicates to me that it’s a secondary connection, possible connection to the DB? I don’t know what else the site could be connecting to. It could have something to do with the 21K topics or the 57K replies.

  • I have had these errors as well the last couple of days. Sometimes I could not add posts… and when I tried again was told I had already submitted the content. But I persevered…

  • It seems that this site was recently moved to a new server.

    They have now increased the server capacity. If anyone is still having issues let me know, I will continue to monitor for a while.

  • Good to hear that. Yes, I did not have any issues so far today. Opened a ticket, added an update and no 504s.

  • No! I am not getting that error.

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