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500 Error – when on edit "post_object"

  • Hi,

    could be, that this is not really an issue from your Plugin.

    We have about 17.000 Posts. To publish a set of 3 featured Stories on the Frontpage, we did an acf with 3 seperate Fields where the author can choose via post_object Dropdown the story he wants to feature. Everything worked out fine, as suddenly (no updates or else were made on this day), the search function in the Dropdown didn´t work anymore. Just displays the Posts in alphabetical order.

    So I thought, we should not put in all Categories as option to choose from. Limit to 2 or 3 should do it. And this is now the problem:
    If we click on edit for this particular Fieldset, we get a 500 Server Error. I´m pretty sure that its a memory problem. We turned it up to 320mb already, but still not working. All other Fieldsets are working. Only this makes trouble.

    Maybe because it is loading 3 times all Categories, Posts and Tags?
    Could that be?

    Can I change the settings outside via json or phpMyAdmin?

    Thanks for you help in advance!

  • A 500 error does not mean it’s a memory issue, see this explanation. It means: “A generic error message, given when an unexpected condition was encountered and no more specific message is suitable.”

    If it’s a memory issue, the error will say so.

    If the dropdown doesn’t work anymore, that sounds like a javascript error. Have you checked the console logs in your browser window and any error logs ?

  • Hello,

    yes I know the description of this Error. In fact, if we turn up the RAM it will work. So it is a Problem with the Memory.
    But as I mentioned before, it does not have anything to do with your Plugin.

    A Co-Worker installed a Facebook Pixel Plugin, without my permission. As we de-installed this Plugin – everything worked as it should.

    The option, as I described, is still not working. But I think the solution is elsewhere.

    Thanks for your reply anyways.

    I love to work with your plugin.
    I did so much individual stuff the last couple of years with it.
    It completely changed my skill level…

    Thanks a lot for it!!!


  • If deinstalling the pixel plugin works, you should look into the code of the plugin 😉

    If dropdowns are not showing I would look into javascript errors in your console because it sounds like jquery or so being blocked/not loaded.

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