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5.8 strips paragraph tags from WYSIWYG field

  • Anyone else noticing that all paragraph tags are being stripped from the WYSIWYG field? Could be other HTML as well i’m not sure but whether you are typing from the visual editor or switching to the code editor and manually putting in paragraph tags they get stripped out.

  • The WYSIWYG field uses the built in TinyMCE/WP editor. This is something that this editor has always done. You need to install another plugin to prevent this from happening.

  • Thanks John but that’s not the issue. This was not happening before 5.8. I rolled back to 5.7.13 and it then worked perfectly again. Also the main WP content field works fine as well on 5.8 and doesn’t remove the p tags. So it’s definitely just the ACF WYSIWYG field.

    I also already have TinyMCE Advanced installed with the appropriate settings and have the issue. Tried deactivating that too just to see if it was conflicting and still the same issues.

  • I am probably misunderstanding what you mean by getting stripped out. Can you supply some more information? What are you expecting to see? What you are seeing? Where?

  • Here’s a video:

    The first example shows it’s working perfectly with 5.7.13 then I update and do the same thing with 5.8 and it gets stripped.

  • I’m seeing the same issue, just didn’t notice it before. The only thing that made it work in the past was tinymce advanced (I think). Haven’t got a clue what changed.

    You should submit this problem here

  • Thanks John. I did submit a support ticket on Monday. Unfortunately no response yet since this is a pretty big issue. Hopefully it gets solved soon, appreciate the help!

  • encountering this problem too….any update on this?

  • encountering this problem too….any update on this?

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