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5.8.0-beta1 Feedback

  • Hi Eliot –

    First of all: awesome. awesome! Your Gutenberg integration is really hot stuff – imho that will bring WP+ACF to whole another level.

    Tried out the beta1 and just wanted to give testing feedback:

    Radio clashes with multiple Block Instances on same page (Edit Mode)

    If I have multiple instances of the same block in edit mode, the radio selections of the blocks interfere. You can see the behaviour here:

    It works if I switch all Blocks to preview mode:

    Is there a possibility to switch all acf blocks to preview mode by default maybe?
    I’ve to admin: Just building a customer project with the alpha 😉

    BR from Salzburg,

    – Johannes

  • Hi @jjarolim

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We have recently fixed the issue you mentioned above regarding the radio inputs, and have also added in an option to define which “mode” the block loads in + another setting to disable the “mode toggle”!

    Stay tuned on our progress here:

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