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5.7.0-beta4 – Cannot Clear 'Post Object' Select

  • Hello! I’m running the 5.7.0 Beta 4.

    Field Type: Post Object
    Required: No
    Filter by Post Type: ( Custom Post Type )
    Filter by Taxonomy: Null
    Select Multiple Values: No
    Return Format: Post ID

    Originally I had

    Allow Null?: No

    Updated my post with the field to a value, saved it. Realized I want to clear the field, set

    Allow Null?: Yes

    Went back to the post, cleared the field with the ‘x’ but when I updated the post it reverts back to what it was originally. Can anyone else replicate this issue?

  • Hi @howdy_mcgee

    Thanks for the topic,
    Elliot here – ACF dev​​​.

    Can you please update to the latest 5.7 (currently 5.7.0-RC2) and let me know if this issue is resolved?

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