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5.5.0 repeater not displaying

  • After updating to 5.5.0, a repeater field is no longer showing in the admin.. The frontend side of things still works correctly, but ACF is not rendering on backend.

    Attachment acf-1.png: There should be about 10 rows, but it is just showing one empty row. It is set to display on an option page.

    Attachment acf-2.png: The Collapsed option is showing with the field key instead of label. You can see in inspector that no options are available other than that.

    Attachment acf-3.png: Once I click to change the Collapsed value, it then populates. After selecting an item and saving, it reverts to behavior in acf-2.png.

    Thank you!

  • Are you saying that you lost data during the upgrade to 5.5? I hope you backed up your site.

    My only guess here is that you’re options, for some reason, got moved to the termmeta table when upgrading the database…. but ACF does not delete the existing values, so even if they were copied to termmeta they should still appear on the options page, there should be no reason that they would have been deleted. Did you follow any of the advice in other topics here about deleting data from the options table after upgrading to 5.5?

    I can confirm that I’m seeing the same thing shown for the collapsed value showing the field key.

  • @hube2 No there is nothing in our termmeta table. I don’t think the data was deleted, as I said the frontend of our site still showed up normal. But ACF was not showing the data in the backend, so saving the options page would then delete all values.

    I did not find any topics about options being deleted in 5.5.

  • I may be experiencing a similar issue. I was using a repeater, and its contents appear to be gone in the admin UI. I can still see some stuff in the actual SQL tables though

  • Are you using english or some other language on your site? If not english, updating to 5.5.1 might fix things for you, and have all the content turn up in admin again, as it contains a fix for translation bugs.

  • @djahr Yes I am using English. The update did not help. Thank you.

  • I am experiencing the same problem with ACF Pro 5.5.0. At first a specific repeater showed no data anymore in the admin, recreating the repeater made the data visible again. Currently however, the data is visible in the admin but the frontend doesn’t show it anymore, it outputs the number of rows (meta_value) instead.

    For instance, this is a repeater group in the database with two rows:

    meta_id post_id meta_key     meta_value
    366     62      my_repeater  2

    Calling this repeater from the frontend gives back the meta_value, instead of the actual rows:

    $test = get_field('my_repeater');
    output: 2
  • Some extra information, the field object appears empty, so it doesn’t know it’s a repeater (in the frontend). First get the field key:

    meta_id post_id meta_key     meta_value
    367     62      _my_repeater field_56e045f278755

    Then get the object:

    $field = get_field_object('field_56e045f278755');
    output: bool(false) 
  • @emrl this would take quite some time to recreate. First I’d need to set up a site using ACF 5.4.X and create a test groups, add content and then update to 5.5 to see what happens. We’re talking about hours of debugging. Anyone having a similar issue should definitely be opening a new support ticket since this is more that I can do to help on this forum

    your first problem sounds like this one, but you’ve compounded the problem my rebuilding the field group. The reason that it’s no longer displaying on the front end of the site is that when you rebuilt it all of the field keys were changed to new one. It was originally working correctly on the front end because the field data and field keys remained intact. In order to recover at this point you either need to have a backup of your site or you’ll need to edit every post and update them so that the field keys for each field gets updated.

    For anyone that took the time to back up their database before updating I would suggest that revert to ACF 5.4.X

  • @John Huebner you’re right, thanks for your reply! I make daily backups so restoring any missing data shouldn’t be a problem.

  • For anyone having this problem.

    1) What is the name of the repeater field
    2) What are the names of the taxonomies on your site
    3) does your repeater field name match any of the taxonomy slugs?
    4) If this is happening on an options page, does the field name match "options_{$taxonomy_slug}"

    It could be possible that if you answer yes to 3 or 4 that ACF is somehow mistaking your repeater fields for termmeta fields, but I haven’t dug through the ACF code enough to tell.

  • 1) extra_information (subfields: tab_title, tab_contents)
    2) teachers
    3) no
    4) not applicable

  • I was just curious. I have not updated ACF on any of my live sites yet, just haven’t had the time. It’s something that I need to do. I’m hoping not to have any problems but then again I may end up needing to figure out why it’s happening if I do have problems. I need to figure out which of my clients’ sites is the most complicated, make a copy of it and see what happens…. but not today.

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