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Solving cause duplicated metaboxes in the CPT

  • Hi,

    I noticed a weird issue with the last release, probably the 5.3.3 already.
    Some metaboxes are displayed twice. After spending hours freaking out, I didn’t find any js error or plugin conflict as far as I tested. I finally reverted to previous versions starting with the 5.3.0. Everything worked as expected until I installed the 5.3.3.

    I’m wondering if it’s related to other tabs issues already mentioned in other threads.

    ACF tabs

  • Exactly same problem here. Reverting to worked for me, too (big thx to @mdorchain).

    What I did was updating the system from 4.2.7. to 4.4.2 (haven’t checked if this caused the problem), then immediately updated all plugins (including ACF PRO) to the newest version. Like for most of my projects I’m using WP Multisite (but in this case ACF PRO is used in the primary instance).

    Other field groups in other CPTs are NOT shown twice.

    field group shown twice

  • Sternsbergerm, I finally got it working today with the latest version.

    I disabled object caching and json acf local, then disabled each groups.
    After I enabled them again, duplicates disappeared.
    I finally put back the json local and the object cache and saved each group again.

    This is more like a trial/error process rather than a secret recipe but it ended up working.

    The cog icon linking to the group field settings still appears twice though.

    Something done in the 5.3.3, seems to have a issue either with local json or object caching. Not really sure why.


  • Just an update, I had to revert back again to 5.3.2.
    I could not save existing post anymore because of required field not working properly.
    No matter if the required fields are provided with data or not, they keep on prompting the user to provide a missing information that is provided.

    Not sure why but the versions after the 5.3.2 are just a nightmare !!!
    I usually don’t vent much but it’s really upsetting to waste so much time after a minor update.

  • @mdorchain thanks for the update. I hope the development team will solve this problem soon. It’s a bit annoying to pay attention NOT to update a single plugin …

  • Hi @mdorchain

    Could you please open a new ticket here: so the issue can be passed to the plugin author? Please provide the detailed steps to reproduce it too.


  • Hi James,

    I did a few days ago, but I need to troubleshoot it myself more and I don’t the time to spend hours on it yet. The first idea is it could be linked to Object Caching.

    I’ll let you know and update the ticket when something comes out.



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