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5.2.5: Issues with new posts not showing some acf content

  • Not sure what the issue exactly is here, but after updating from 5.2.3 to 5.2.5 there’a an issue when creating new posts on my site.

    Basically no content fields seem to load correctly anymore on newer posts, but older ones still work correctly.

    This seems to mean the flexible content field as well as featured articles images reverting to fallbacks (i.e. returning false) on these newer articles only.

    Older articles, and their respective related posts, continue to function correctly.

    I assume the newer version might be saving fields in a different way that is resulting in them no longer displaying, but I’m not really able to identify what that is.

    Reverting to 5.2.3 instantly resolves the issue however, without the article needing to be re-saved out.

  • Still having this issue with 5.2.6, and I’ve identified that it seems to be having issues with the YARPP plugin.

    Specifically it breaks when I try to step through a flexible content field in the featured posts being pulled.

    If I call this line:

    if( have_rows('page_content') ):



    All my acf fields just don’t work on the page at all. There are no errors displayed (debug off, etc)

    To confirm, reverting to 5.2.3 fixes this issue.


    EDIT 2:

    Alright now I’ve discovered if I add a meta description in YOAST SEO it also seems to fix the issue, but with the meta description field blank it creates the issue as well. It also fixes it if I disable to Yoast plugin completely.

    I’m getting pretty confused as to what is causing this? Something being called or not called that’s triggered by various things perhaps?

    To clarify, it’s fixed by any of the following:

    – Removing the flexible content field call from the related posts plugin / disabling this plugin
    – Having a filled in meta description field in YOAST SEO or disabling the YOAST SEO plugin
    – Rolling back ACF PRO to 5.2.3

  • Are you still having this problem with the newest version. If you are then I’d say the problem is with the related posts plugin. ACF and Yoast work fine together, I install both of these by default on all sites.

    What related post plugin are you using?

  • Hey John,

    Still experiencing this issue. Definitely an issue caused by my related post plugin, but I just can’t seem to troubleshoot what exactly might cause it to fix it.

    The plugin in question is Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP):

    The issue is driving me crazy as it’s so hard to get clients to fill out their meta descriptions half the time.

    Any help pointing me in the right direction (or a better related post option) would be greatly appreciated.

  • Reading over this tread again. Do you mean that the issue is display of custom fields inside of templates that are specific to the YARRP plugin?

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