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5.2.0 breaks custom fields attached to specific pages

  • Field groups I have associated with certain pages no longer appear on the admin side after upgrading to v5.2.0.
    Field groups attached to post types still appear.
    Field groups which have disappeared in the admin still appear on the client-facing part of the site.
    I am using acf-json.
    After deleting ACF PRO files and reinstalling v5.1.5, everything works as it should.
    I am on WP 4.1.1. There was no conflict with other plugins as I tried turning them all off.

  • I have the same issue. It seems all the ACF field groups are now hidden but can be accessed by selecting ‘screen options’ and selecting the field groups i want to view.
    However this setting is not saved so when i navigate back to the edit page screen later I again have to select the field groups in ‘screen options’.

    This affects field groups on pages but not those attached to my custom post types.

    This problem is affecting two different websites we maintain. On one site there seems to be a single field group that is not affected but i can’t seem to see what distinguishes this from the others.

    This is a major issue for us as we have now rolled back ACF and are not going to update the plugin on our other sites until this issue is fixed.

    using ACF Pro v5.2.0 and wordpress v4.1.1

  • We are having this same issue with v5.2.0

    Rolling back to the previous version fixes this problem.

  • Hi guys

    I’ve just released v5.2.1 to fix this issue

    Sorry for the frustrating bug


  • Works for me. Thanks!

  • Top job we’re all updated here.

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