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  • Just updated to the last ACF Pro and with this update, if I edit a page and click “Update” the ACF field groups disappear. I have to choose another page template, and then choose the right page template to get them back. Took me forever to figure out what was going on. Thought I had db corruption or something.

    Put 5.1.8 back on and problem vanished.

  • Hi @theatereleven

    Thanks for the bug report.

    I think I’ve found and fixed the issue. Can you check your ‘Screen Options’ and make sure the field group is checked in the ‘Show on Screen’ checkboxes?


  • Sorry for the late reply. I’ve on ACF Pro 5.2 now and yeah, the field group wasn’t selected. Checked that and I see the fields.

    BTW…WordPress wouldn’t be WordPress without ACF. I can’t imagine not having your plugin.

  • Update: 5.2 still isn’t working for me. I’m also not seeing the “Field Group” option on other sites after upgrade to 5.2. So for now, going back to 5.1.8 as that one works on all of my sites.

  • Hi @theatereleven

    I’ve just released v5.2.1 to fix this issue

    Sorry for the frustrating bug


  • Still broken 🙁 – When I create a new page and choose a template, the template fields show which is good, but when I switch back to the default template the editor for wordpress disappears.

  • Hi @mlk83

    The editor can only disappear if you have selected to hide it within the field group’s settings. Please check your field groups and scroll down to the ‘Hide on screen’ settings.

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