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5.0.6 All fields in new groups don't display or retain child fields.

  • After upgrading to 5.0.6, all new field groups child fields do not display or stay in the group. Instead they create new Field Group sets which display as nested in the index.

    Field Group Listing

    After updating, the Field Group editor goes empty and the index above gets updated. Any children of Flexible Content or Repeaters do not next in the index and instead are added as top level with no rules or association to the group in which they were added.

    Field Group Editor

    Then on content editing, say the page where the original group’s rules were set to, the ACF Field Group is empty.

    Empty Field Group

    This is seriously inhibiting and scary please help.

  • Apologies if you’ve already tried this stuff.

    I would try completely uninstalling and then reinstalling the whole plugin. I’ve updated to the latest version and nothing like that is happening. Uninstalling won’t delete the data within the fields, so you won’t risk losing work (although I would still do backups, just in case, as always). If that doesn’t fix it, the new update might have caused a conflict with another plugin you have installed. Try turning them off one by one and see if that corrects the problem and then let Elliott know here in the forums that there is a conflict.

    Hopefully that helps.

    (not the plugin author)

  • Hi @grayarea

    Thanks for the bug report. I can’t replicate the issue on my end, but it sounds like another plugin / theme code is conflicting with ACF when saving fields.

    Can you check the DB for the new entries in the wp_posts table and check if the fields are saving with the post_type of ‘acf-field’ or ‘acf-field-group’.

    It sounds like the child field’s are being modified to ‘acf-field-group’ by another plugin. Perhaps one that effects the page order?

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