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[5.0.6] Post object selection bug

  • Hi!

    We noticed a very strange bug in both the 5.0.5 and 5.0.6 version of ACF5 PRO. We do not have information about previous versions.

    The post object field only only sees the standard pages / posts when I do not filter on any post type, my custom post types are left out.

    – When I filter on a specific custom post type, nothing else, it shows my custom post types in the select2 select field.

    – When I filter on a specific custom post type AND standard pages / posts, it only shows the standard pages in the select2 select field.

    – When I select all post types and the standard pages / posts in the filter (or if I do not filter at all), it shows only the standard pages / posts in the select2 field, but my custom post types are completely left out.

    The bug appears on both a standard and option page, tested inside a repeater and as “top-level” field.

    Bottom line: I am not able to select my custom post type in the select2 field of the post-object field when it should display all my post objects.

    Is this a known bug?


  • [update]

    It only seems to be the problem in 5.0.6, not 5.0.5 (for me at least). Sorry for the confusion!


  • Hi Elliot,

    We still have some issues (5.1.1), even though there were patch-notes about a core fix which should have solved the issue a couple of versions ago.

    Is there any news on the problem?


  • This topic can be closed, 5.0.8 fixed the problem, except for 1 of my projects. It seems like WPML gave some problems, I cleared my db of WPML tables and reinstalled it.. everything works ok now!


  • I am still having what seems to be a related issue. If I select a custom post type and no taxonomy, it saves an array with a single element of “all” in the settings. When it then tries to load the related posts, it filters them based on a taxonomy of “all” which doesn’t exist and nothing is displayed.

  • Hi Jsilver,

    Do you use ACF in combination with WPML for your project? If so, I might be able to help you.

    I found out the problem for me was that I set my WP lang. to nl_NL (Dutch), my default WPML was English and my strings were Dutch.. WPML bugged on that and this gave lots of conflicts. ( fairly new to WPML )

    After doing a complete removal of WPML and re-setting everything, it worked flawlessly.


  • Thanks Robby, but I am not using WPML. From my research it looks like it is saving “all” as the taxonomy when none are selected but nothing is returned since it isn’t a real taxonomy.

    I do have some special cases in my setup – specifically I’m using a wrapper field type on some ACF fields – but for me I was able to get around the problem by adding a filter on load_field.

    if ( $field['taxonomy'][0] == 'all' ){
    	unset( $field['taxonomy']);
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