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2 Way Relation Field

  • I know this has been talked about a few times, but was hoping for more info.

    On the back end of my site I have CPT Vendors and Products:
    – I have a relation field on Products that lets me select “Vendor” posts
    – I have a relation field on Vendors that lets me select “Product” posts

    Right now, if I want to add/remove a Vendor, I have have to add/remove the products the vendor sells, which is fine. But then I have to go to each Product and add/remove the Vendor (or brand name) that the product comes in. Or vise-versa for adding/removing Products.

    ACF apparently has no easily built in function for this. Does anyone have any advice? Code snippets to add to functions.php?

    I’ve seen ACF Post2Post suggested, but there isn’t enough directions for me to get it to work. If you suggest this, please elaborate with steps.

  • Thanks for reporting the bug over on github. Can you please try downloading the newest version, give it a try and let me know if it’s working.

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