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    Register fields via PHP

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    What data is recorded upon activation

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  • Solving

    New Date/Time Fields Not Working

    I just updated to the latest version of ACF pro (5.3.9) and was excited to try the new time and date/time pickers. I went ahead and changed an existing field to the time picker, but when I go to edit an existing post and click in the time picker field it just displays a date picker with now options for time.

    I tried adding a new time field to the field group, as well as a date/time picker but they again only display a date picker and not a time picker.

    Any thoughts?

    WordPress | 4.5.2
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO | 5.3.9
    Akismet | 3.1.11
    Bluberry PowerPress | 7.0.1
    Dashboard Quick Actions | 1.1
    Duplicate Post | 2.6
    Elegant Themes Updater | 1.2
    Email Address Encoder | 1.0.5
    Sub Categories Widget | 1.5
    TablePress | 1.7
    Divi (theme) | 2.7.5

  • Solved

    acf/load_value for "email adress encoder"

    i need to use the “email adress encoder” plugin for my wordpress site. now i found info about how to use a filter to get custom fields to work:

    If the content supports WordPress filters, register the eae_encode_emails() function to it: add_filter($tag, 'eae_encode_emails');.

    then i found this:

    and so i passted this to my functions.php:

    add_filter('acf/load_value', 'eae_encode_emails');

    so i thought i could get ALL advanced custom fields with this but it only works on one page … ? (it’s a page on the first level …). any idea how to make thsi working for all custom fields on my wordpress site?


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