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    Just de ‘Extra Fields’ menu admin page disappears

    Strange …..
    Can’t find : remove_menu_page( ect.) in Wp-Optimize
    No same slug is used…

    No css display:none;

    Versie: 4.2.2 ACF
    Options Page 1.2.0
    Repeater Field 1.0.1

    found it in WP-optimize:

    add_menu_page(“WP-Optimize”, “WP-Optimize”, “manage_options”, “WP-Optimize”, “optimize_menu”, plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ).’wpo.png’, 81);

    81 !!

    when changed to 82 it comes back !

    Wp-omtimize is overruling this postion on de Admin menu ??