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  • Hi there,

    same problem here.
    Just in the process of creating a new field group and after saving once I cannot change anything (like changing a field type or the order of the fields). I can create new fields though.
    I already have a field group in production that works fine.
    This is a new field group for a new post type.
    I started twice from scratch but that didn’t help.
    I also checked the sql logs, there were no errors and I cannot find a problem there. It even appears that the changes get written to the database but not displayed. I am not sure how the process of updating a field group works but I found my changed entries.
    I am using the latest WordPress and the latest ACF.
    I am also willing to help to debug.
    I’ve got full control over the server/mysql, but cannot disable all plugins and start from blank since this is a production site.

    Kind regards,