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  • Hi @elliot!
    Firstly thanks for the great plubin & and your support. I’ve scanned the support & saw that you always answer most thoughroughly.
    Greta job!
    So here I am with my ‘issue”, which I guess looks like what @augusto pointed out :
    I have created some tabs which show or not accordind to previous conditions. Theses tabs have some required files, but of course they are not filled in if the tab is not called by the condition…
    I wonder if that is the reason why , when I fill in fields in one of these fields & hit ‘return’, the form bounces back to the fist tab (eg. the one that shows first(..) and which has no restriction for showing…?
    A bug, an issue, most probabbly a mis-use of fields / tabs from my part ?

    Many thanks anyway