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  • Hello,

    Yes, the custom taxonomy is visible and usable on each custom post edit page. It can be queried just fine everywhere else on the site.

    Could this be a problem with custom capabilities assigned to my custom post type (nothing spectacular, just renames “edit_posts” to “edit_cpts” and so on)?


    Read through the core plugin code and noticed this line of code in the function that populates the select choices (get_taxonomies_for_select in acf.php) for the taxonomy filter:

    if(!is_taxonomy_hierarchical($taxonomy)) continue;

    I have my taxonomy as non-hierarchical and this seems to be the problem. I can’t seem to remember any notice of this on the field’s documentation page?

    Luckily my taxonomy will work about the same even if it is not non-hierachical, but will there be an update to allow filtering with these taxonomies too?