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  • Hi @lkamms

    Can you provide some more info about the issue?

    You say you updated, what version did you update from?
    Also, you say that the map is no longer pin pointed. What do you mean by this? Is the map still visible in the backend?

    Most likely, you have updated from a v3 to a v4 which means the user made field types (location field) don’t work any more.

    Perhaps all you need to do is remove the current location field plugin, and download a v4 compatible location field plugin,.

    Rest assured your data still remains, just don’t go editing / saving posts. You will loose data if you do that.

    If you need help doing this and you are not confident with ftp. I highly suggest that you post the job on a freelance board and get a confident web developer to help you out.

    Your other option is to roll back. Most servers have a ‘roll-back’ service, but you will need to contact your host about this

    Good luck!